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If you've been wondering if you should buy an ATM machine for your business? Whether you're considering an ATM cash machine to add value and convenience for your customers or to add an additional revenue stream into your already successful business, RM Cash is your best source for professional advice and resources.


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Who are we?
The Complete Solution

At RM Cash, we provide more than just ATM machines. We integrate people and processes with technological advances to deliver outstanding customer service and cash machine performance.

Whether you choose the purchase or placement of an RM Cash ATM machine, we'll customize an ATM program to meet your needs. We'll also advise you on the best automatic teller machine for your business and where to place your ATM for maximum exposure.

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RM Cash Programs,
Support & Service For ATMs

Our ATM cash machine specialists can discuss our three distinct ATM machine programs with you:

  • Ownership Programs
    Partnership Programs
    Lease to Own Programs

Within these options, we can arrange flexible terms and introduce you to successful marketing strategies. With RM Cash, you can always count on outstanding advice, support and service for ATM machines.

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RM Cash Machines
No Risk, High Returns

No hidden or extra fees, detailed monthly statements, online web reporting... All this, plus our superior service and customer support means you can make the investment, then sit back and watch your profits add up.

If our ownership or partnership ATM machine programs appeal to you, learn more about our specific instant tellers online or contact us. We are small enough to give to that personalized plan and big enough to take care of all of your ATM requirements, RM Cash is ready to help you set the stage for your business to thrive.

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