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You may be considering the purchase of an ATM machine in order to:

  2. 1. Offer convenience / added-value for your customers.
  3. 2. Generate additional income in the form of automatic teller surcharges.
  4. 3. Increase walk in traffic in your business and increase revenue in your business.

With RM Cash ATM machines you can accomplish these - and more!

Take care of your customers, create an instant revenue stream, plus, with our ATM advertising options, expand your financial gains exponentially!

ATM Advertising

Take Advantage Of This New ATM Feature. RM Cash ATM machines go far beyond wireless communications and motorized card readers. They offer advertising options that will allow you to capitalize on your investment. Take advantage of any new ATM feature:

  • Coupons on ATM machines
  • ATM screen advertising

An ATM machine puts cash in the palm of your customer's hands - cash that could be used to purchase your products. Since you already have a captive audience (as well as walk-by traffic), all it takes is the right message and the right medium.

RM Cash ATMs

Take The Next Step
With RM Cash ATM machines, you get more than the best cash machines on the market, you have access to our experienced professionals who can help you develop a marketing strategy to maximize the benefits of your ATM purchase or lease.

Consider cash-saving coupons, promotional coupons, or signage...the possibilities are exciting!

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If you own your own business, there are many benefits to having an ATM on site. Even if you accept credit cards, you see the possibility that this is able to increase revenue.

  • ATM Sales
  • Free ATM Placments
  • ATM Leasing
  • ATM Managment
  • Free Processing
  • Cash Loading
  • ATM Servicing
  • Parts Refurbishing
  • Parts Supplier

Areas Serviced

RM Cash Services is an Airdrie, Alberta based company with service technicians located in Banff, Airdrie, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Kelowna.

Become a part of our growing family of happy clients. These are some of the locations we are proud to serve:

  • Banff
  • Airdrie
  • Canmore
  • Calgary
  • Lake Louise
  • Golden
  • Kelowna
  • Revelstoke
  • Vernon
  • Vancouver
  • Victoria
  • Carstairs
  • Balzac
  • Red Deer
  • Leduc
  • Edmonton
  • Fort McMurray
  • High River

Ideal locations for ATMs

RM Cash continues to provide cash machines and transaction processing services to:

  • Airport terminals
  • Bars and nightclubs
  • Casino, and bingo halls
  • Convenience stores
  • Gas stations
  • Educational facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Liquor stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Special events